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August 9, 2007

Based in the Northeastern coastal town of Hampton, NH, Foss Manufacturing Company has been a global leader in the design and manufacture of nonwoven fabrics and specialty synthetic fiber technology for more than 50 years.

Foss Manufacturing Company, LLC.
11 Merrill Industrial Drive
P.O. Box 5000
Hampton, NH 03843-5000
Phone: 800-343-3277
Fax: 603-929-6010
Web: www.fossmfg.comrn

As one of the world’s largest needlepunch manufacturers, the company provides highly specialized, cost-effective solutions that are custom-tailored for a variety of applications and markets. “Foss is a leader in bringing new and improved nonwoven products to market through its commitment to innovation and extensive research and development,” commented David Rowell, executive vice president of sales and marketing.

Following a recent shift in ownership—as well as its recovery from Chapter 11 bankruptcy—Foss has regained both profitability and productivity and has ambitious plans to double its sales in the next three to five years. Foss’ new owner, Alinian Capital Group, has done much to turn the company around, including the addition of 150 employees in just one year and a 10% efficiency increase in recent months. Additionally, the company is cutting back on SKUs and extending run-time. “These strides are a result of more focused, refined business plans,” offered Mr. Rowell. “The transition is complete and behind us. We have spent the last nine months making customers aware of our new direction and mission.”

When it comes to manufacturing technologies, Foss primarily focuses on needlepunching technology and post finishing processes. The company sells approximately one quarter of its roll goods into the retail market while about 75% is used to supply other manufacturers. With its needlepunch technology, Foss serves a number of markets including automotive, retail craft, auto aftermarket, filtration, car wash and hospitality. All of Foss’ business units are ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certified.

On the raw materials end, Foss is underway with a major PR and marketing effort for its Fosshield technology, which includes a range of antimicrobial, antiviral fibers and fabrics produced with all-natural silver, one of the oldest antimicrobial agents proven effective against more than 650 strains of bacteria. Foss’ most advanced antimicrobial technology, Fosshield, uses a combination of copper, silver and zinc as the active ingredients and has proven to be powerful against a broad spectrum of bacteria, mold, fungus and mildew.

In the area of footwear, a market that Foss is reentering, the company currently manufactures needlepunched-saturated products for box toes, counters and midsoles for specific domestic end uses. Foss has also recently launched a line of products for military applications and is carefully watching what it sees as a shift in footwear production from Asia back to North America.

In its growing indoor/outdoor carpeting segment, Foss has introduced three new brands of solution-dyed polyester products—Everlasting, Eternal and Forever. Foss began promoting the products in hardware and chain stores in January. “We are amazed at the amount of retail dollars out there. The opportunity for these products is huge and we are just at the cusp of this. We are set up to attack the retail market and the fruits are yet tocome. This is who we are now,” Mr. Rowell concluded.

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