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Spunbond Chinese Style

February 20, 2007

Six years after the establishment of sister company Zhejiang Huayin Plastics Co. in 1992, spunbond nonwovens producer Zhejiang Huayin Nonwovens was born.

Zhejiang Huayin Nonwovens Company, Ltd.
18 Avenue, No. 3 Street
Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone
Zhejiang, China 310018
Telephone: 86-571-8691-1948
Fax: 86-571-8691-1945
Web: www.huayin-nonwovens.comrn

Owned by Zhejiang Second Light Industry Group Corporation, the company came onstream with its first spunbond line in 1994 based on Italian technology from STP. Two years later a multilayer hot roll composite system was installed. A second spunbond system—a German Reifenhauser Recofil-III line—was added in 1999 with an annual capacity of 3600 tons. This machine came online in 2000, and in May 2002 Zhejiang Huayin Nonwovens achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Although specific details of its capacity expansion have not been released, in 2001 Zhejiang Huayin Nonwovens augmented its nonwovens production volume. According to the company, it now boasts the largest scale and the most advanced nonwovens equipment in Eastern China.

Zhejiang Huayin Nonwovens supplies a variety of polypropylene spunbond fabrics from 10 to 150 gpsm in a range of colors and specifications. In line with international standards, the materials are available in 2.4- and 3.2-meter widths and offer uniformity, softness and high tensile strength. These products are used in applications such as hygienic materials, protective apparel, agricultural covers, filtration and packing materials.

The polypropylene-based spunbond fabrics are laminated by thermal bonding using filaments extruded from threaded rods. The products feature high strength, corrosion resistance and similar vertical and horizontal strengths.

Additionally, Zhejiang Huayin Nonwovens has developed composite SMS products, which include polypropylene meltblown fabrics. These products can be used as substitutes for traditional textile fabrics, leather, synthetic leather, paper and cotton.

Zhejiang Huayin Nonwovens employs 125 people, 48 of whom holdexecutive positions. According to the company, its sales volumes are the largest in Eastern China, especially in the medical, packaging, automotive and interlining industries. Zhejiang Huayin Nonwovens is continuing its development in new application areas and is widening its market to expand into mid-China and further into Eastern China. The company also exports products to Europe, the U.S., Japan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Moving forward, Zhejiang Huayin Nonwovens promotes the Huayin Spirit of “Never give up, and seek for endless progress.” The company’s goal is to pursue quality andachieve success through customer satisfaction.

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