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From Paper To Nonwovens

January 16, 2007

Established in 1991 with just a sheeter and a trimmer, Precision Paper Converters (PPC) has grown into a converter of coated and uncoated papers, paperboard and OPP films as well as tissue products.

Precision Paper Converters
2600 Northridge Drive
Kaukauna, WI54130
Tel: 920-462-0050 x102
Fax: 920-462-0055
Web: www.precision-paperconverters.comrn

PPC ownership is comprised of 10 investors with backgrounds ranging from paper industry executives to engineers. Jack Mason, president, and Gary Hermsen, vice president of sales, manage the business on a daily basis with support from the PPC board members.

Based in Kaukauna, WI, Precision Paper Converters consists of three divisions. The converting services division offers contract sheeting and slitting/rewinding services as well as guillotine trimming and packaging. PPC’s converted products division supplies roll products and sheeted products featuring various grades of industrial papers. The company’s Fox tissue division offers a variety of converting and packaging services for private label facial and lens tissue products, which are widely used in the healthcare market sector. PPC also offers a line of facial tissue products marketed under the company’s Sniffles brand name.

Precision Paper Converters operates out of a 43,000 square foot facility and also utilizes outside warehouse space. Plans are in place for adding 26,000 square feet in the spring of 2007. This expansion will allow the existing 43,000 square feet to be used for manufacturing and production, while the building addition will provide warehouse space.

Branching into nonwoven products is a natural progression for Precision given the healthcare and industrial markets it currently serves. To date, PPC has converted nonwoven industrial toweling on its Jennerjahn slitter/rewinder. The Jennerjahn slitter/rewinder is ideal for producing small diameter rolls with 250 feet per roll or more.It is a highly automated shaftless winder that allows for quick transitions between sets of rolls, which is important when converting rolls with small diameters.

“Wisconsin is one of the busiest parts of the country, if not the busiest in terms of converted nonwovens,” commented Mr. Hermsen. “We feel we can capture a portion of that business and service the market with our sheeting and rewinding equipment.”

PPC’s primary geographic target is the midwestern U.S., but the company does serve customers from coast to coast and into Canada.

PPC has recently installed a Maxson precision sheeter for sheeting paper, board and polypropylene film. Future upgrades are planned for the facial tissue division to broaden product capabilities and increase productivity and efficiency. The future direction of PPC is to work with existing and new customer “partners” to expand their product offerings or decrease their internal costs.