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Filter Media

October 20, 2006

Sandler’s sawascreen fine filter series is available with a laminated pre-filter. The progressive fiber combination from coarse to fine helps to ensure uniform dust absorption. Voluminous, needle­punched polyester nonwovens and the lower-priced polypropylene nonwovens, thermally bonded using a special hot melt process, make ideal pre-filter media. As a result of this material composition, the dust holding capacity of the pocket filters produced is three to five times higher than that of similar versions without pre-filters.

Sawascreen fine filter media made from polypropylene achieve outstanding filter performance thanks to their unique microstructure. Combining different fiber diameters gives a particularly voluminous structure. The fiber layer with a thickness up to five millimeters guarantees a long lifetime for the filter. Fine fiber blends with fiber diameters of 600 nm and upward help to optimize the separation efficiency. The typical product advantages also include low pressure drops and a particularly high dust holding capacity—even without the use of a special pre-filter. Sawascreen pocket filter media are available in filter classes F5 to F9.

A range of pleatable, self-supporting filter media from the sawascreen and sawaloom product ranges are available for the production of cartridge filters. Fiber-based products made from needle­punched polyester nonwovens cover grades G2 to F5. For higher filter classes up to H10, Sandler manufactures fine filter media on a meltblown base, also using sawascreen technology.

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