A Look At The Smaller Guys

September 11, 2006

It seems every year we are adding and subtracting companies in our annual Top Companies report. This year, we added two Italian producers—Albis and Union Industries—who are both centered on the hygiene market. While both of these companies have been making nonwovens for more than a decade, continuous investment in new lines have broadened their businesses in recent years and increased their sales enough to qualify them for this survey. And, their sales are set to only grow higher as new investments are planned for the near future.

In addition to Albis and Union Industries, this year's top company report features a number of newcomers in our Companies to Watch section, which immediately follows the Top Companies Report, on page 100. This section includes companies whose contribution to the nonwovens industry is significant, and expected to grow, but whose sales are not large enough to qualify them for the Top Companies Report. While there are many producers who fit this qualification, space constraints allowed us to highlight only a fewof thesein print, but you can log onto www.nonwovens-industry.com to learn about other smaller companies who are working hard to grow their businesses and make their mark on the nonwovens industry.
These companies in many ways are the heart and soul of the nonwovens industry. Their smaller size provides them with enough flexibility to focus on innovation and easily respond to the changing trends in the nonwovens industry.
 We hope that you enjoy this year's Top Companies Report. If you know of a company that should  be included in either the report or the Companies To Watch section, please let us know. We are always pleased to learn of a new nonwovens producer.

Karen Bitz McIntyre