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May 13, 2006

S&S Specialty Systems is making its mark in the nonwovens converting industry due to its results-driven approach to offering novel equipment solutions.

S&S Specialty Systems
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A lineup of production lines designed for a full range of product introductions means that S&S stays close to industry requirements as well as trends.

One of the S&S lines, the Road-runner, can handle numerous converting challenges. Road-runner production lines are designed for high versatility with modular configurations for customization and future expansion. “We have rolled out the ultimate production line to handle a huge range of converting jobs,” said Tom Gazdik, marketing director. “Customers have been amazed by the Road-runner’s ability to make wet and dry wipes, napkins, towels and other disposables with fast changeover to several types of folds and cut length sizes. Touchscreen technology makes quick programmable cut length changes in increments to .0001-inch dimensions. With this patented system, our customers never have to turn away business due to fixed length converting equipment,” he said.

According to S&S president Patrick St. Germain, the company’s new patent pending “low mass dancer” technology makes the Road-runner lines fully capable of running virtually every kind of nonwoven or other challenging substrate. “Whether the material has high stretch, delicate strength, open weaves or other unique properties, the latest Road-runner lines can handle it,” opined Mr. St. Germain.

Other S&S featured production lines include the Viper and Cheetah systems. Viper machinery produces cross-cut, inter-folded, flat-folded and other finished formats. There is allowance for the introduction of wet, dry or coated materials to enhance cleansing and other product features. Cheetah machinery specializes in inter-folded products with production readiness to meet new market demands of soft, high-stretch nonwovens.

S&S also makes it possible for companies making dry products to convert to wet wipes using its stand-alone Typhoon Wetting Tunnel. The unit is complete with drive systems for internal conveying, with precise saturating volume control and a stand-alone electrical system.

Additionally, a number of systems are in the design-development process, according to Mr. St. Germain. “We are listening to the market and our track record of on-the-mark systems is verified by leading consumer company partners.”

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