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Speed-Coat Module

April 18, 2006

The Universal Speed-Coat module from Nordson Corporation provides fast cycle rates to maximize intermittent high-speed performance when dispensing hot melt adhesives. The Universal Speed-Coat module provides a minimum cycle speed of 10 milliseconds (0.010 seconds) or up to 6000 cycles per minute, depending on the application. Retract-on-close feature produces sharp cutoff of leading and trailing pattern edges. Typical applications include backsheet lamination, product labeling, elastic and frontal-tape attachment, and pad stabilization on nonwovens baby diapers, training pants, adult incontinence and feminine care products. The compact 25-millimeter-wide module is compatible with Universal applicators and accepts numerous spraying and coating technologies, including CF, Summit, SureWrap, Control Coat and meltblown spray nozzles; and Mini-Bead and Saturn bead nozzles. When combined with the OptiStroke needle stroke detection system, manufacturers can confirm adhesive dispensing performance and reduce product waste.

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