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April 18, 2006

In a continuing effort to offer the best range of thickness measurement gauges, NDC Infrared Engineering is introducing the Model 318 X-Ray Backscatter (XRB) Sensor. The new x-ray sensor offers unsurpassed measurement range, single-sided operation, and low installation costs. Its performance rivals that of nuclear-based beta and gamma gauges but without the ongoing issues associated with source wipes and disposal. The XRB features a much wider operating weight/thickness range than comparable isotopic gauges and because its high voltage is precisely regulated, it provides excellent measurement stability.  Since it is a single-sided sensor, not only are scanner costs reduced but also installation is made simpler. When directly compared to a Beta Sensor, the XRB has greater measurement range, similar accuracy and repeatability, slightly more flutter/pass-line sensitivity, similar composition sensitivity and lower total cost. In comparison to a Gamma Backscatter Sensor, the XRB offers several times better repeatability, less flutter/pass-line sensitivity, wider measurement gap, greater measurement range, better streak detection and slightly more composition sensitivity.

The Model 318 X-Ray backscatter sensor provides measurement performance that meets or exceeds the exacting requirements of plastics extrusion, converting, calendering, paper, nonwovens and textile applications, while being simple and inexpensive to install, operate and maintain.

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