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March 6, 2006

Span Packaging Services is a part of the Cloud Packaging Solutions group of companies. Span Packaging Services originally began in 1986 as a part of Span America Medical Systems Inc.

Span Packaging Services
4611-A Dairy Drive
Greenville, SC 29607
Tel: 864-578-2231
Telephone: 864-627-4155
Fax: 864-627-4155

In 1997 vice president and general manager Les Teague, together with a partner, acquired the contract packaging business from Span America and moved the operation to a new facility in Greenville, SC where it has since been operating.

As the contract-manufacturing arm of Cameron Holdings, Cloud Packaging Solutions is an umbrella organization that also owns converting specialist Multi-Pack, Milwaukee, WI, which it acquired in September 2005, and Cloud Packaging Services, Des Plaines, IL, a high-speed food packager that uses nonwovens in applications such as coffee packets for automatic drip coffee machines.

Located in the heart of the southeast U.S., Span occupies a 60,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art contract packaging facility. The company’s current capacity is in the five million square yard range and serves the North American market.

As an FDA-regulated facility, Span has been primarily serving the OTC personal products, pharmaceutical and household Industries with a focus on single-use pouches. Within these industries a large portion of the business is concentrated in the towelette and wipe market. “Span is one of the largest contract manufacturers of horizontally-run, single-use towelettes in the U.S.,” explained John Panaseny, the company’s director of sales and marketing.

In 2004, Span became a part of the Cloud Packaging Services group. The acquisition has helped the organization by providing the resources and capital needed to continue to fuel the growth that Span has experienced in recent years.

In terms of products, Span works with polypropylene, novonette, spunlaced and chemically bonded materials, targeting such markets as OTC personal products, health and beauty, pharmaceutical and household products. Converted nonwoven products represent approximately 65% of the company’s total sales.

Span utilizes the latest technology in both horizontal and vertical pouch packaging for the production of single-use towelettes.Equipment includes but is not limited to Bartelt, HMC, Circle and Piltz systems. Span has recently invested in new high speed towelette packaging equipment. “Span’s success in an FDA-regulated environment, together with high-speed packaging technology, will be in high demand in the markets we serve,” opined Mr. Panaseny.

Span has been focusing on the single-use towelette market, as it sees significant growth opportunities continuing over the next three to five years.This growth is being driven by continued consumer interest in products that are not only effective, but portable and easy to use.Further, products which have an active ingredient are well suited for the individual single-use package style as the outer packaging material can be developed to insure product integrity throughout its lifecycle.The packaging and filling of this type of package also insures that each towelette will maintain a consistent level of active ingredients from wipe to wipe.These are important differences over bulk wipe packaging and as a result have created new opportunities for products that may not have considered the wipe format before.

With convenience and product integrity as drivers, companies are busy developing new products that are taking advantage of this technology. Span has seen new applications across a range of industries including the pharmaceutical (both Rx and OTC), health and beauty, cosmetic and household products.

Discussing the future direction of the company, Mr. Panaseny said that Span intends to continue to look for opportunities to grow by building on its core strengths of quality, responsiveness and flexibility. “Given the benefits of nonwoven products combined with single-use packaging, Span is gearing up for strong growth with further investments in high-speed packaging equipment and additional mixing capacity,” he concluded.

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