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Providing Wipers for Tough-to-Task-Specific Needs

December 2, 2005

Four Star Converting is a privately-owned corporation established in 1985.

Four Star Converting
5519 West Woolworth Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53218
Phone: 414-353-7788
Fax: 414-353-9686
Web: www.FourStarConverting.comrn

The company is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI in the heart of the midwest converting corridor. Under its TEAM brand of self-dispensing wipers, Four Star serves industrial, janitorial, food service and other markets.

Company president Robert Cohen has been with FourStar since its startup. He and his team have led its significant growth. “We provide a full range of wiper types,” said Mr. Cohen. “This includes spunlaced, airlaid, reinforced and double-recrepe fabrics for every surface cleaning need.” Engineered to pick up various liquids, dirt and spills, the company’s wiping products are disposable and come in various containers and packaging options.

Four Star customers include some of the major national distributors in industrial maintenance, institutional supply and specialty segments. A complete overview of the product line is shown on its new website: Four wiping categories comprise the core of the product lineup. They include:
• Quarter-folded and self-dispensing white airlaid wipes with various textured emboss patterns, at economy price points.
• Quarter-folded, self-dispensing and center pull, white double-recrepe paper wipes, for all purpose wiping, at mid-price points.
• Quarter-folded and self-dispensing white scrim reinforced tissue or reinforced airlaid, at mid-price points.
• Quarter-folded and self-dispensing white and blue spunlaced (woodpulp/poly and rayon/poly) for softness and high strength at premium price points.

When developing wipers, the company focuses on end use tasks including: general-purpose and surface cleaning; tough task and scrubbing needs; dusting and electrostatic requirements; critical task and controlled environments; polishing and glass cleaning.

Recent expansion to support Four Star growth has included a new production line and reconfiguration of manufacturing space. The new line features a number of folding capabilities, including interfolding and various sheet cut-off and width options. The new converting line joins more than a dozen production lines offering complete converting of wipes and other nonwoven substrates for consumer and industrial applications. Folded, sheeted, interfolded and rolled are

In addition to the TEAM product family, as well as a control brand product line, there is a contract-manufacturing side where contract-partners work with Four Star’s team to meet their needs for every type of wiping product and configuration, from hard-task to soft polishing. Customers are invited to send their product developers to Milwaukee to consult on product design and observe initial production runs. There is collaboration on everything from wiping substrates to folding and units per package, to carton design and packaging.

“Confidentiality is assured when you work with our expert team,” offered Mr. Cohen. “We have experience in contract manufacturing with both Fortune 500 companies and new niche startup marketers. As a manufacturer, we work closely with marketers, product developers and designers offering the benefit of our experience.”

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