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Wipe Folding Machine

October 3, 2005

Elsner Engineering Works now offers an updated version of its ZFV-1-20 single width automatic wipe folding machine. The versatile machine offers converters an easy approach to producing both dry and wet nonwoven fabric products without an undue amount of set-up. By using specially designed drop-on folding plows and wetting station, the ZFV-1-20 can be easily configured to produce length fold style products such as Z, Z with wings, C or C with wings (supplied with machine). Throughput speed is up to 200 products per minute or 425 feet (132 m) per minute using a rotary precision shear with a single discharge for manual stacking by the customer (automatic stacking and cross-folding option also available). For wet products, the ZFV-1-20 offers a wetting station with synchronized displacement solution pump and storage reservoir. For highly absorbent fabric, an optional "dip and nip" and spray wetting station is available offering up to 300% liquid absorbency. For easy operation, the ZFV-1-20 offers an operator interface with machinery diagnostics and easy-to-use PLC controller. An integrated, cantilevered unwind three inch (76mm) airshaft for use with 50 inch (1520 mm) parent roll also includes mechanical edge positioning and automatic tension control. A wide range of product widths and lengths are possible with standard and optional offerings.