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Modern Web Forming

November 30, -0001

In order to respond to demands for high-speed production at high quality levels and product evenness, particularly in the area of medical and hygienic light-weight nonwovens from fine fibers, the Dilo System Group provides the latest in crosslapper design. Spinnbau direct cards are designed for high capacity in working widths of up to more than 5 meters with a speed range of up to approximately 400 m/min., offering excellent evenness and uniformity of the fleece consisting of two, three or even four layers. With weights of more than 100 gpsm, the Delta Card provides 20% more fiber throughput based on a certain quality level compared to conventional cards. At the same time the Delta transfer system makes it a real tandem card approach with more uniform blending within the card system. The multiple doffer system gives much better web uniformity and therefore allows considerable fiber savings.
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