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June 23, 2011

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TSI Incorporated has introduced the “Model LS200 LaserSpeed Noncontact Speed and Length Measurement Gauge,” an affordable and highly accurate alternative to tachometers. The LS200 is permanently calibrated and provides measurement accuracy better than 0.1%. Incorporating state- of-the-art technology without any mov- ing parts, the LS200 offers significant benefits compared to tachometers which are adversely affected by slip- page, dirt build-up, maintenance and calibration problems.

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New from Dover Flexo Electronics (DFE) is the “TensionManager” flexible, digital tension control system. The product is a family of specialized con- troller device modules that were designed specifically to reduce auxil- iary equipment costs, optimize existing space and integrate neatly into machine controls on OEM web machines and presses. Easy to install and set-up for any web application, TensionManager’s base unit is a com- pact, single-board control module. Specialized DIN-rail modules extend the control module’s functionality and can be added on if required.

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Narrow Web Tension Measurement

Dover Flexo Electronics (DFE) has unveiled its “NW” narrow web tension transducer that measures process ten- sion on narrow webs from seven to 14 inches wide. A cantilevered idler roll with built-in dual-beam strain-gauge sensors, the product is available in a variety of load ratings and mounting styles. The transducer is CE marked and supplies an accurate tension signal from its can- tilevered position in the web path of a sin- gle-frame label press or web machine to an indicator, controller, PLC or computer. The product also increases a machine operator’s ability to prevent process defects during printing and winding and helps reduce material waste.

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New from Kernco is the “pH 502” series of controllers that offer many new features to increase the level of control available in a plant. The pow- erful instruments can be configured to utilize P, PI or PID controlling. With this advanced feature, the pH 502 takes the place of three instruments that only allow one configuration. The pH 502 line includes models that incorporate control through analog output to drive any compatible device such as an electrovalve or pump. Models equipped with a solid state relay are also available to ensure max- imum life of the switching device.

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The Industrial Adhesives Division of the Henkel Group and Bayer Faser GmbH have unveiled a jointly developed sys- tem solution for elastic attachments on baby diaper and adult incontinence products. Manufacturers can expect excellent processing from this perfectly tuned combination of new elastic fiber and adhesive when fixing the fiber in the diaper. The system uses “Dorlastan N 110,” a new generation elastane fiber developed by Bayer specifically for use in hygiene products. Combining this fiber with Henkel’s “Sanicare” products has produced a system that diaper manufacturers can process in existing lines and equipment while simultane- ously cutting costs.

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New from Erhardt + Leimer is the “Elsis” new generation of camera inspection systems. The systems use the latest image processing algorithms and take into account the respective defect envi- ronment. Using “OptoLine” intelligent line cameras, the systems offer a very high scanning frequency that is part of an advanced system and software archi- tecture. Gray-scale images allow an even better insight into the process quality.

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JAI America has announced that Cognex Corporation has added JAI’s “CV-M1” mega pixel progressive scan camera to its machine vision systems that are supported by its “Checkpoint II” systems. The monochrome scan camera features the latest progressive scan technology and is ideally suited for a spectrum of machine vision appli- cations. With 1300 x 1030 resolution, JAI’s product offers full frame or verti- cal binning readouts and a 2/3 inch interline transfer CCD sensor in JAI’s standard industrial housing.

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Advanced Pressure Products (APP) has launched its new automated hydro- burst tester that provides a solution for the longstanding need for testing products for safety, reliability and ISO compliance. The “Model ABPT -10K” tester is “Windows”-based and can ramp up pressure at desired rates and accurately determine the exact burst pressure. The unit is rated for the maximum pressure of 10,000 PSI and accuracy of 0.25% of full scale. Systems with 0.05% accuracy are also available. The new system allows test- ing of many different kinds of products such as pressure vessels, burst disks, tubes, valves and other components. Complete tests can be performed in less than five minutes and data can be stored and used by other programs.

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Sonobond Ultrasonics has recently expanded its “SeamMaster” line of ultrasonic bonding equipment to now include four new units—a model designed for manual feeding; a table- mounted model; a specialized unit with a programmable flying cutter and a machine builder’s module for inte- gration into production lines. All of these machines cut and seal in one pass without the use of glue or sol- vents. The “SeamMaster 86” is designed for applications where the operator needs increased access to guide material through the bonding equipment and features a larger wheel with more clearance above the bench. Designed for table-mounting, the “SeamMaster 10” is for applications that require simple bonding with pat- terns up to 10 mm wide. The company has also developed a SeamMaster model with a programmable flying cut- ter for cutting and sealing predeter- mined lengths of synthetic materials without stopping. Sonobond’s new SeamMaster modules also provide a cost effective way for OEM’s to incor- porate seaming, slitting and trimming capabilities into special-purpose ultra- sonic bonding machines.

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Hyde Park has recently launched its new “Superprox” Model SM900 sensor series that offers small size, mounting convenience and unique configurabili- ty for simple on/off detection. To meet very tight space requirements, the deadbands of 51 mm and 120 mm combine with the size to provide effi- cient proximity detection within sens- ing ranges up to one meter and two meters, respectively. The sensors oper- ate on 12 and 24 VDC and are capable of controlling various operations with- in the plant. Typical applications include detection of container backups and gaps, web breaks and holes, end of rolls and coils, end-of-line stops and down containers. In conveying opera- tions, these sensors can reliably sense objects moving at speeds up to 2000 units per minute.
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Dienes Werke has recently improved the service life of its circular knives by using new materials and refining processes. Depending on the range of applications, cutting problems with coated, tungsten carbide or ceramic- tipped cutting edges can be solved. The use of tungsten carbide-tipped bottom knives improves service life and even cuts difficult materials reli- able and without outbreaks at the same frame conditions with compara- ble bottom knives made from a stan- dard tool steel. The tungsten carbide tipped bottom knives have a service life eight to 10 times longer than bottom knives made from standard tool steel.
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Preco Industries has introduced two turnkey beam-steered galvo laser sys- tems for excising and ablating poly- esters, adhesives and polyimides. The “PLG-15” is a sealed CO2 high-speed laser system with speeds up to 40 inches per second. It is specially designed for cutting, ablating, marking and drilling intricate geometries in such products as membrane switches, graphic overlays, plastics, adhesives, labels and ceramic. The “PL355-15” is a solid state diode-pumped UV laser system for excising, micromachining and ablating polyimides, thin metallic foils and other non-metallic materials for electronics and medical device applications. Other applications in- clude processing gold on polyester and cutting metallic foils.

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“Air” from Marsden Inc. is the newest combination drying system for industrial drying applications. The product uses both infrared and air to optimize system efficiency by utilizing the hot exhaust from the infrared component to power the system’s hot air component. The combination dryer saves energy while retaining the five-second heat up, one- second cool down, instantaneous tem- perature modulation and clean “No NoX/No CO” emissions customers want. Air improves quality and offers maximum sheet stability and control. Minimum machine direction space required with provisions for accurate CD moisture pro- file correction with CD zones as narrow as one inch. The new product is appro- priate for applications including nonwo- vens, paper, coating paper, textiles, con- verting, finishing and glass.

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Tension controls manufacturer Dover Flexo Electronics (DFE) has introduced the “60 Series” dual disk brake, the smallest pneumatic brake in a range of six sizes. The product, which is named for its six-inch diameter disks, works in high- and low-speed unwind applica- tions in a torque range from one to 1000 pound-inches. The brake was designed for low-tension unwinds in converting, printing, composite, wire and filament processing. Easy to install and use, the 60 Series brake delivers the precise torque range needed for a particular application by actuating the number of cylinders needed from one to six. Raised fins on the outer disk surfaces provide heat dissipation for continuous indus- trial use, while specially designed “no- squeal” friction pads are available in three friction coefficients. Braking force is applied to the disks on both sides of the brake actuator assembly with the pistons of each actuated cylinder.

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The “pH 500” series of controllers from Kernco offers exceptional value as they are simple to operate, micro- processor -based process meters packed with features. For more flexi- bility and better resolution for chart recorders, any two points between zero and 14 pH can be chosen to cor- respond to the analog output shares. Several models of the pH 500 are equipped with a bi-directional “RS232C”port, while the fail safe alarm system protects the product against the pitfalls of process control, such as power interruption or line failures. Quick one, two or three point calibration at pH 4.01, 7.01 and 10.01 comes standard and tem- perature can be manually or auto- matically compensated.

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New from Nim-Cor are two new dif- ferential winding shafts. The GDS- 2300 Gripper Differential Shaft and the CDS-4300 Clutch Differential Shaft are both ideal for the tape, plastic, film and textile industries and can be designed to suit specific application needs. GDS-2300 fea- tures quick change inserts for differ- ent core widths and accommodates plastic, paper or fiber cores. CDS- 4300 provides a dust-free environment by eliminating dust caused by core abrasion.
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Danarota Technic is marketing the Montalvo U-3500 ultrasonic controller to printers and converters in Europe. The system offers cost effective solu- tions for non-contact, open-loop tension control applications. The MUS-1 ce sen- sor together with the U-3500ce control panel provides for a wide range of con- trol configuration from simple unwind or rewind applications through more complex multiple unwind systems.

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Sonobond Ultrasonics is currently pro- moting its cost-effective ultrasonic bonding equipment for filter assem- blies. The ultrasonic bonder eliminates costly fraying, beading and wastage and produces a stronger and more dependable fiber assembly than those made with stitching, glue or hot air. The product can also comfortably han- dle multiple layers and assorted thick- nesses or material in just one pass. Sonobond’s modules can be easily integrated into practically any produc- tion line for a faster, more economical assembly process. Additionally, the company offers a variety of high per- formance units for special applica- tions, such as a “Filter Bag Bonder” for attaching heavy-weight nonwoven fil- ter bags to rigid plastic frames and a “Pleated Filter Bonder” for use with bulky, medium-weight materials.

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New from Hyde Park is the “Superprox” Model SM900A-7-STS series of 30 mm ultrasonic sensors. The sensor’s stain- less steel housing and stainless steel- faced transducer combine to provide trouble-free proximity sensing for a range of on/off detection applications involving many corrosive chemicals and chemical-based materials. The proximity sensor is unaffected in such applications as coating, anodizing, printing, painting, treating water, pro- cessing and blending of chemicals, tan- ning leather and forming wire. These easy-to-mount sensors detect objects within a standard sending range of 120 mm to 1 m. A simple pushbutton is used to set a standard sensing window of 13 mm anywhere within the range, however, the sensor can be configured for default window sizes from 51-5.08 mm.

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Kernco has recently launched a family of high-precision speed indicators for the accurate measurement of revolu- tions per minute or linear speeds in feet per minute and yards per minute. Being of the chronometric type, with a built-in timing element operating over a fixed period of three seconds, this speed indicator is especially suitable for accurate measurement of constant speeds. The automatic instruments can be used on either clockwise or counter -clockwise rotating shafts and for measuring surface speeds. They are unaffected by magnetic fields, ambient temperatures or moderate vibrations.

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New from Dover Flexo Electronics (DFE) is the “FireGuard” intrinsically safe tension indicator. The product measures web process tension while offering peace of mind against explo- sion to converters, printers, coaters and laminators whose machines and operators may be exposed to flamma- ble solvent vapor. FireGuard, a UL list- ed electronic device for measuring ten- sion from a Class 1 Division 1 or 2 manufacturing area, connects to ten- sion transducers and a tension display installed in the hazardous area. By limiting energy delivered into the area to below the level required for spark ignition, the product significantly reduces the risk of fire and explosion when used with DFE’s UL-approved tension transducers.

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Ibis International has added addition- al features to its line of central vacuum cleaning systems. The use of a PLC allows computerized control of all sys- tem functions as well as the capability to interface with other factory process- es. The Ibis CVS is primarily used as a housekeeping tool and greatly reduces the amount of fiber and superabsorbent polymer dust in the air. Vacuum cleaning replaces com- pressed air blow down.

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Erema, along with SML Masch- inenegellschaft, Erema is promoting the Recysheet production line which produces flat sheets for thermoform- ing directly from washed post con- sumer polyethylene bottle flakes. This cooperation unites the decisive tech- nological advantages of both compa- nies to form an overall concept which gives the user what is currently the maximum in production flexibility with remarkable cost efficiency. The system not only processes washed bottle flakes to flat sheet, it also processes any mixture from the sec- ondary cycle with virgin material to make sheet.

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A versatile, 300 dpi system that prints a range of fabric care labels is now available from Avery Dennison VIP Converted Products. Called Avery Dennison TTK Care-Label Printer, the system is offered with an integrated high-capacity textile cutter/stacker. It is designed for distributed of central- ized printing environments at apparel manufacturing sites.

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Barnant is offering a 16-page, full- color catalog describing its line of gilmont industrial and laboratory flowmeters. The catalog includes specifications on the entire line for use in industrial, process and lab environments.

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