INTC Preview

June 21, 2011

a detailed look at events planned for this annual gathering

This year ’s International Nonwovens Technical Conference (INTC), jointly sponsored by INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Association, Cary, NC, and Technical Association of the Pulp & Paper Industry (TAPPI), Atlanta, GA, will be held September 5-7 at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel, Baltimore, MD. The conference will feature information about polymers and fibers, properties and per- formance, filtration, end-uses, binders and additives, nonwoven forming process- es, absorbents, barriers, melt extrusions, mats, composites and laminates and other state of the art information. Executives from roll goods producers, converting companies and industry suppliers are expected to attend.The following papers are scheduled to be presented:

Wednesday, September 5: Morning Session: Concurrent A Nonwovens Products Tutorial
Morning Session: Concurrent B Process Technologies 1 Moderator: Rudy Janis, DuPont Nonwovens “Interprocess Competition In Nonwoven Process Developments,” D.K. Smith, Smith, Johnson & Associates “Advances In Microdenier Spunbond Technology,” Fumin Lu, Ason Engineering “Effect Of PP Melt Flow Index On Spunbond Fabric Strength,” Kimberly McLoughlin, Aristech Chemical
“New Developments In Bicomponent Spunbond & Melt Blown,” Hans George Gues, Reifenhäuser GmbH “Spunbonding Studies With PP Polymers: Development Of Structure & Properties,” Gajanan Bhat, University of Tennessee “Terminal Velocity—Is This All About Nonwovens?,” Alessandro Celli, Celli S.p.A.

Morning Session: Concurrent C Filtration
Moderator: Don Thornburg, Camfil Farr “Activated Carbon Felt Implementation For Indoor Air Quality Improvement,” Valerie Héquet, Ecole des Mines de Nantes “Nonwoven Material Performance In Air Filtration Applications,” B. Dean Arnold, Kimberly-Clark “Density Gradient Filter Media For Liquid & Air Filtration Applications,” Ganesh Deka, Kimberly-Clark “Low Emission Automotive Oil Filter Paper,” Wayne Walisser, Borden Chemical “Fast Evaluation Of Average Fiber Diameter Of Nonwovens,” Akshaya Jena, Porous Materials Inc.
Key Note Addres and Awards Ceremony Moderator: James Harrington, FiberVisions Awards for best INTC 2000 papers will be presented along with INDA’s Lifetime Achievement Technical Award and TAPPI’s awards for technical achievement and leadership & service.

Afternoon Session: Concurrent A Process Technologies II Moderator: Ashish Mathur, AET Specialty Nets & Nonwovens“The Development And Future Opportunities Of Bicomponent Melt Blown Technology,” John McCulloch, Nonwoven/MB Ind. “Understanding The Melt Blowing Process,” Randall Bresee, University of Tennessee “Processing Development And Optimization of PTT Based Bicomponent Melt Blown Nonwovens,” Dong Zhang, Fibers in Nonwoven Structures “Applications of Meltspun Hollow Fibers In Nonwoven Structures,” Robert Shambaugh, University of Oklahoma “Performance Analysis Of Melt Blown Dies Using Computational Fluid Dynamics,” Junsco Sun, Fluent, Inc. “Process Properties Study of Melt Blowing Polyurethane for Elastic Military Protective Apparel,” Larry Wadsworth, TANDEC

Afternoon Session: Concurrent B Finishes and Surfaces Moderator: Yashavanth Kamath, TRI/Princeton “Effect of Fiber Surface Coverage On Friction And Antistatic Protection Of PP Yarn,” Thomas Theyson, Goulston Technologies “Role of Fiber Finish in the Conversion of Fiber to Nonwovens,” Abdelfattah Seyam, NCRC “Surface Modification Of Wool Fibers With Enzymes,” Gisela Buschle-Diller, Auburn University “Raleigh Instability Development In Fiber Finishing,” E. Shim, NCRC “Interaction Of Liquid Sprays With Nonwovens,” Xuemin Chen, TRI/Princeton
Afternoon Session: Concurrent C New Technologies Showcase Ten-minute presentations of new products and services

Table Top Event A table top reception will immediately follow Wednesday’s afternoon session. Thursday, September 6 Morning Session: Concurrent A Barriers Moderator: Greg Jones, Clopay Plastic Products “Transport Properties Of Electrospun Nonwoven Membranes,” Heidi Schreuder- Gibson, Army Soldier Center “Modified Polyethylene Polymers—Resins For Breathable Films,” W.R. Haile, Eastman Chemical Company “Surgical Drape And Gown Performance Standards,” Joe Palomo, Allegiance Healthcare “Development Of Antimicrobial Nonwoven Fabrics—A Study,” Sabita Baruah, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai “A Comparison Of Antimicrobial Technologies,” Jim Krueger, AEGIS Environments

Morning Session: Concurrent B Process Technologies III Moderator: Rudy Janis, DuPont Nonwovens “Where Is The Bottleneck In High Speed Lines?,” Siegfried Bernhardt, Spinnbau “Production of Nonwovens With Highest Resilience Manufactured With Vertical Lapping Technology,” Christian Haas, Santex AG Nonwovens “‘AirWeb’—The Best Of Card And Airlay,” Michelle Collotte, NSC Nonwovens Systems, Thibeau Division “Calendar Processes In The Nonwovens Industry,” Ralf Quack, Kleinewefers KTM “Hyperline System CV1,” Johann Philip Dilo, Oskar Dilo Maschinen fabrik KG “An Investigation Of Needling Parameters Of Moldable Nonwoven Fabrics From Blending Thermoplastic Fibers,” Subhas Ghosh, Institute of Textile Technology

Morning Session: Concurrent C Polymers and Fibers Moderator: Bill Haile, Eastman Chemical Company “The Use Of Synthetic Fibers, Especially Polyesters In Paper,” B. E. van Issum “A Hydrophilic Fiber With The Performance Of Polyester,” Keith Carnes, Wellman “PTT Staple Based Nonwovens: Hydroentangled Fabric Modulus & Recovery,” Donald Shiffler, NCRC “Staple Electret Fibers,” Glen Reese, KoSa “Applications For Engineered Polymers In Nonwovens, Fibers And Films,” Ramesh Srinivasan, Ticona “Hydroentangled Clothing Components From Merino Wool,” S. J. Russel, University Of Leeds

Afternoon Session: Concurrent A Mats & Insulation Moderator: Natalie Grooms, Borden Chemical “The Effect Of Polymer Types And Fibrous Structure On The Thermal Insulation Properties Of Nonwoven Mats,” Peter Tsai, TANDEC “Nonwoven Fabrics In Roofing,” Nicholas Newman, N. Newman Associates “Advances In Latex Modification Of Urea Formaldehyde Resins,” Melissa Grunlan, H. B. Fuller “Six Sigma Analysis Of A Shinglet Pilot Line,” Dennis Brown, Owens Corning “Measurements Of Fiberglass Dust,” Brian Ence, CertainTeed Corporations “Determining Latent Formaldehyde In Fiberglass Mat,” Stacey Wertz, Georgia- Pacific Resins

Afternoon Session: Concurrent B Process Technologies IV Moderator: Bob Averell, Wellman Apertured Nets—An Overview of Non- Fiber Based Nets And Nonwovens,” Ed Hovis, AET Specialty Nets & Nonwovens “Computer Analysis Of Air Flow & Fiber Accumulation In A Fluff Pad Machine,” Andrey Troshko, Fluent “Improving Bonding Efficiencies And Combining Spunlace Technology With Spunbond Fabrics,” Daniel Feroe, Rieter Perfojet “Investigation Of Flow Characteristics And Geometrical Effects On Hydroentangled Jets,” Memis Acar, Loughborough University “Spunlaced Nonwovens Upgraded By Subsequent Finishing Processes,” Alfred Watzl, Fleissner “Pneumatic Material Conveying Systems,” Gordon Cole, Quickdraft

Afternoon Session: Concurrent C On-Line Measurements Moderators: Jeff Hurley, Buckeye Technologies “Defect Detection And Formation Characterization in Nonwoven Webs,” Sujoy Guha, Wintriss Engineering “On-Line Measurements Of Nonwoven Weight Evenness Using Optical Methods,” Hung-Jen Chen, China Textile Institute “On-Line Binders And Fiber Discrimination,” Kim Townsend, Euro- therm Gauging Systems “Characterizing Fiber Orientation In Nonwovens,” Benham Pourdeyhimi, NCRC

Afternoon Session: Concurrent C, Part II Student Papers & Posters Moderators: Stephen Michielsen, Georgia Institute of Technology “Preparation & Properties Of Cotton-Eastar Biodegradable/Compostable Nonwovens,” Haoming Rong, University of Tennessee “In-Plane Liquid Transport In Nonwovens,” Amy Knopka, North Carolina State University “Technologies Used To Diversify Geotextiles,” Corina Gabriela Cimpeanu, Technical University of I Gh. Asach I of Iasi-Romania “Fibrous Structures With Designed Wicking Properties,” Esra Coskuntuna, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Friday, September 7 Morning Session: Concurrent A, Part I Absorbents Moderator: Behnam Pourdeyhimi, NCRC “SNAPs: A Safe And Natural Alternative To SAPs,” Serge Huppé, Lysac Technologies “Needlepunched Nonwovens From Cotton Fibers For Absorbent Products,” Maria Zamfir, University of Isai, Romania “Simulated In-Use Screening Tool For Industrial Nonwoven Wipers,” Wesley McConnell, Kimberly-Clark “Development Of Highly Absorbent Cotton Core Nonwovens,” Edward (Mac) McLean, Cotton Incorporated.

Morning Session: Concurrent A, Part II Binders And Additives Moderator: Stephanie Cottrell, Rohm & Haas Company “Silicone Use In Nonwovens,” John Phifer, Kelmar-Wacker Silicones “Incorporating Of Antimicrobial Materials In Fabrics,” Roy Broughton, Auburn University “Fast & Better: How Radio Frequency Drying Can Improve Both Speed And Quality in Nonwoven Process,” Ben Wilson, PSC “Development Of Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Meltspinning Nonwovens,” Christine Sun, TANDEC “Advances In Nonwoven Highloft Binders Represented By New Acrylic/Vinyl Chloride Emulsion Polymers” Marty Cohen, BFGoodrich Performance Materials

Morning Session: Concurrent B Properties & Performance Moderator: Mary Agostini, Johns Manville “Compressional Behavior Of Perpen- dicular-Laid Fabrics Containing Cotton,” D.V. Parikh, USDA “Introduction Of Plastic Net Scrim To Alter The Properties Of A Hydroentangled Nonwoven,” Keith Misukanis, Conwed Plastics “Rapid Morphology (Property) Changes At Bond Edge in Thermal Point Bonded Nonwovens,” Stephen Michielsen, Georgia Institute of Technology “Prediction of Performance In Thermally Point-Bonded Nonwovens,” H.S. Kim, NCRC “INDA Standard Test Methods Update And Comparison To EDANA, ISO And ASTM,” Michael Thomason, BBA Nonwovens “A Method For The Simultaneous Measurement Of Fiber Length And Diameter Using Sem,” Norman Lifshutz, Hollingsworth & Vose “Evaluation Of Hand Characteristics On Nonwoven Fabrics Using Simple Methods,” S.S. Ramkumar, Texas Technical University “3D Shell Nonwovens: Properties & Characteristics,” H. Gong, University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology

Morning Session: Concurrent C, Part I Sustainability Moderator: Gajahan Bhat, University of Tennessee “New Biodegradable Copolyester For Fibers And Nonwovens,” W.A. Haile, Eastman Chemical “Biodegradable Nonwovens—Natural And Polymer Fibers, Technology & Properties,” Dieter Mueller, University of Bremen + BIBA “Sustainability Through 100% Resin Usage,” Bob Hawkins, Munchy Ltd. “Rewriting The Ehrlich Equation: Renewable Nonwoven Composites For A Sustainable Future,” Matthew Dunn, Philadelphia University “Biosoluble Glass Fiber For Use In Ultrafine Diameter Filtration Products,” Jon Bauer, Johns Manville Technical Center

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