Exhibitors Highlighted New Ideas at Filtration 2016

November 17, 2016

INDA hosted a successful 25th anniversary event in Philadelphia.

Sandler Launches enAIRsave

Made of three filter layers, Sandler’s new enAIRsave filter media provides optimum dust separation, not just in the fine fiber layer, but across the entire width of the medium. The particles are primarily deposited in the coarse meltblown layer as well as the pre-filter layer so that air can still flow through the filter at a relatively low pressure and at reduced energy consumption.

New from Cerex

Cerex Advanced Fabrics is offering Nystat 50, engineered to dissipate static charge in hydraulic, fuel and oil filtration systems. Using proprietary conductive technologies, Nystat 50 easily dissipates triboelectric charges that are naturally generated from petrochemical flow through synthetic media. The media is engineered using Cerex nylon, 6,6 spunbond fabrics offering superior strength and uniformity with higher heat tolerance and exceptional chemical resistance.

Clarcor Die Cut Sheets

Designed for high purity applications, Clarcor’s aspire ePTFE die cut sheets are ideal for gas and liquid microfiltration. Naturally hydrophobic, the ePTFE membrane sheets are manufactured with pure ePTFE and laminated onto nonwoven polypropylene or polyester, or nylon woven backers. This combination provides strength and high chemical compatibility to keep liquids and particulate contaminates out of sensitive devices as well as relieve pressure build-up associated with changing temperatures and environmental conditions.

Triboelectric Media from DelStar

New Alphastar Triboelectric Media from DelStar Technologies features a proprietary fiber blend that’s carded and needled into a fully homogenous material. The needlefelt exhibits an electrostatic charge that benefits multiple air filtration applications.

Branson Discussed Ultrasonic Technologies

Branson Ultrasonics highlighted solutions that enable nonwoven manufactures to create superior, cost effective filtration. Controlled by the newly developed DCX power supply, Branson’s equipment provides manufacturers exceptional process control and information feedback, including patented Amplitude-Stepping and Ethernet/field-bus communication/configuration abilities. The ultrasonic process is used for material slitting/cutting processes providing the ability to cut and seal edges with advanced precision, preventing fraying along the edges.

Unique Netting Solutions

Industrial Netting offers extruded plastic filtration net, mesh screens and cores in that are suitable for most air, liquid or gas separation and filtration applications. Featuring extrusions from Conwed Plastics, Industrial Netting’s products are used in filter cartridges for automotive, HVAC, water purification, hydraulic filtration, fuel filtration, beverage filtration, medical filtration, and food processing applications.