Sales Reports


January 1, 2009


Sales: $232 Million

Description: Key Personnel
Christian Heinrich Sandler, chief executive officer; Dipl. Kfm. Christian Heinrich Sandler, Dieter Magiera, members of the management board

Schwarzenbach/Saale, Germany

ISO Status
ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001 certified, Ökotex Standard 100, OHRIS

Carded, waddings and drylaid nonwovens, thermally bonded, mechanically bonded, meltblown, thermofused, needlepunched, air through bonded, spunlaced, hotmelt lamination, coating and flexoprinting, embossing

Brand Names
sawafill, sawabond, sawaloom, sawavlies, sawaloft, sawaflor, sawatex, sawascreen, sawagrow, sandler sports, sawaflock, sawaform, sawalux, sawaflex, sawasoft, sawasorb, sandler-fibercomfort, sandler-fiberskin, sandler-unico, sawadur, sawadry, Sandler White Lace, Sandler Silver Lace, sawatex mariquita, sawatex orsettino

Major Markets
Fashion, home furnishing, technical nonwovens (civil engineering, automotive, filtration, horticulture), hygiene, medical, wipes (baby, cosmetic, technical, oil)

With an impressive 33% year-over-year growth rate in 2008, Sandleris “very satisfied” with last year’s results, especially its annualturnover of €166 million. The company attributes its organicgrowth to improved capacity utilization, the introduction of newtechnologies and products and the expansion of production capacitiesthrough the commissioning of a new spunlace line.

Aside from the hygiene market, the traditional markets for furnitureand clothing, as well as nonwovens for technical applications,also contributed to Sandler’s sales growth. Revenue in theautomotive and filtration segments developed well, with Sandlernonwovens currently being found in more than 40 car models.Sales declines for certain products due to economic woes in theautomotive industry could be largely balanced in 2008 owing tothe utilization of new, innovative nonwovens in this sector.

“At the moment, we’re focusing on specific new developmentsin this business area, which will certainly result in a positive trendin the long term,” reported Ulrich Hornfeck, sales director.

Despite such achievements, the backdrop for Sandler’s successhas been a stagnant, highly competitive European spunlace arenaand a difficult, unstable situation in the raw materials market. Thepresence of non-European producers in the European market isonly making matters worse. “Prices and availability of raw materialsare subject to sometimes considerable variations, which renderthe competitive situation even more difficult,” said Dr. Hornfeck.

When it comes to exports, these sales continue to representmore than half of Sandler’s total turnover, with the EuropeanUnion in particular being a strong area for exports. “However, outsideof the EU, export business is difficult due to exchange ratefluctuations,” he added.

In 2007 Sandler’s strategy was to keep investments simple andconcentrate on finalizing an investment program that includedthe commissioning of a second €20 million spunlace line. Meanwhile,this year Sandler expanded its composite technologies forthe manufacture of multi-layer fabrics on its existing productionlines. Overall, Sandler has invested a total of €90 million in thelast decade and the number of employees has increased by 20%.

Sandler’s new carded needlepunch and spunlaced lines are faringwell and production capacities are being well utilized. Theneedlepunching line enables Sandler to be flexible in manufacturingnonwovens for a variety of technical applications as well as the automotiveand construction industries. “This versatile production lineopens up a multitude of new application areas,” Dr. Hornfeck said.

In the wipes segment, Sandler is continuing to promote its “Lessis Best to Nature” products, which offer unchanged functionalitiesat lower basis weights. This product range was enhanced with improvedtensile strength as well as innovative designs and structuresfor new cleaning and technical applications.

As for the filtration industry, here Sandler is addressing demandsfor discharge efficiency and composite-based pleatable filterswith innovative filter materials such as its new pleatable depthfilter medium sawaloom plus, which offers high dust storage capacity,high filtration surface and high uniformity.

In construction and other technical applications, Sandler offersvarious insulation nonwovens, which offer textile alternatives for renovation projects as well as applications in roof construction and wallinsulation. For instance, sawatec heat insulation nonwovens are designedto ensure optimal air circulation and prevent moisture buildupand mold growth. “Additionally, sawatec contributes to thepreservation of occupants’ health and its excellent insulation propertiescreate a comfortable indoor climate,” said Dr. Hornfeck. Exteriorwallpapers made of Sandler nonwovens render façade renovationspermanent with their breathability and resistance to weather. Textileinterior wallpapers with their heat and sound insulation propertiesare another field of application for Sandler nonwovens.

With regard to nonwovens for automotive applications, Sandlerhas been concentrating on creating nonwovens with resistance toand absorption of fluids in the engine compartment and exterior applications.Here Sandler offers materials featuring excellent functionalitiesin both interior and exterior applications. Featuring quickdrying, temperature stability and excellent sound insulation properties,sawasorb exterior offers a textile solution for applications in theengine compartment and can act as a barrier to a variety of fluids.

In developing new products, Sandler pays close attention toenvironmental issues such as recyclability and the utilization ofearth-friendly raw materials and additives. The company’s systematicenergy management program optimizes the consumptionof gas and electricity, and Sandler is redirecting the transport ofraw materials from roads to railways. “Another key aspect of ourcorporate activities is our commitment to our hometown,” emphasizedChristian Heinrich Sandler, CEO. “For more than 10years, we’ve been supporting the Ecology Park Hertelsleite inSchwarzenbach/Saale and we also maintain our own biotope.”

Sandler’s strategy is first and foremost based on the goal of stability.The company is banking on moderate, organic growth that willbe maintained in the long term. “Our company doesn’t just consist ofbuildings, machines and sales figures,” said Dr. Sandler. “We count onour 485 skilled and motivated employees. Each person’s performance,commitment and dedication decisively contribute to our success.”Sandler sees itself as a capable and productive partner when it comesto service as well as quality and development activities. Going forward,Sandler plans to continue to focus on the integration and combinationof a variety of nonwovens technologies.

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