Disposable Absorbent Articles Having A Pocketed Temperature Sensor

September 6, 2013

US Patent No.: 8,278,497 B2
Inventor(s): Thomas James Klofta, Cincinnati, OH, US; Robin Lynn McKiernan, Mason, OH, US; and Edward Lawrence Schmidt, Liberty Township, OH, US.
Company: The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH, US.
Filed: 7/20/07
Issued: 10/2/12

A disposable absorbent article adapted to be worn about a wearer’s lower torso, suitable for receiving and containing bodily exudates and for visually detecting health-related conditions of the wearer, said article comprising: a first waist region, a second waist region and a crotch region disposed between said first and second waist regions, each region having two opposing longitudinal edges; a pocket for a non-electronic temperature sensor wherein said pocket is disposed on either of said first waist region or said second waist region and wherein said pocket has two opposing sides; and a thermochromic temperature sensor within said pocket, the sensor adapted to undergo a change of appearance from a first appearance at a temperature lower than about 99.5° F. to 102° F. to a second appearance at a temperature higher than about 99.5° F. to 102° F.