Stretchable Absorbent Article Having Lateral and Longitudinal Stretch Properties

November 29, 2011

A stretchable absorbent article has been patented by Kimberly-Clark. A biaxially stretchable absorbent article comprises an outer cover; a bodyside liner joined to the outer cover in a superimposed relation; an absorbent structure positioned in between the outer cover and the liner; and wherein the absorbent article includes a front region, a back region and a crotch region, the front region and back region defining a waist opening when worn about a wearer, the crotch region being positioned in between two leg openings that are located opposite the waist opening, the absorbent article including a longitudinal direction extending from the front region, through the crotch region and to the back region, and a lateral direction generally parallel to the circumference of the waist opening and perpendicular to the longitudinal direction, the absorbent article including a hip circumference in the lateral direction that is located so as to circumscribe the hips of a wearer and wherein the absorbent article is stretchable so as to have a biaxial stretch ratio of from about 1.0 to about 2.5, the biaxial stretch ratio being defined by the former.