Collection and testing of infant urine using an absorbent article

November 1, 2011

Kimberly-Clark researchers have patented a diaper defining a crotch region for collecting and temporarily retaining urine from a baby. The diaper comprises a liquid permeable bodyside liner, wherein the bodyside liner defines a pocket in the crotch region; a liquid impermeable outer cover and an absorbent core positioned between the bodyside liner and the outer cover. A collection insert positioned within the pocket and comprising a collection core encased by a liquid impermeable sheet, wherein the collection insert is configured to collect and temporarily retain urine, and wherein the collection insert is removably attached to the diaper, the liquid impermeable sheet positioned between the collection core and the absorbent core to prevent passage of urine out of the collection core and into the absorbent core such that the collection core is fluidly isolated from the absorbent core, and wherein apertures are located on a top portion of the liquid impermeable sheet facing the bodyside liner to allow urine to enter the collection core upon wetting of the diaper.

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