Absorbent Article With Improved Fit

January 18, 2011

Patented recently is a stretchable absorbent article which has a longitudinal axis, a lateral axis, a front waist region, a back waist region, a crotch region extending longitudinally between and interconnecting said front and back waist regions, a length, and a width. The absorbent article has a liquid impermeable outer cover stretchable in at least one direction and a liner in opposed relationship with the outer cover and stretchable in at least one direction. At least one of the liner and the outer cover has a width substantially equal to the width of the absorbent article along the length thereof. An absorbent structure is disposed between the liner and the outer cover and extends from the crotch region to at least one of the front waist region and the back waist region of the article. The outer cover is elastic and is configured to improve the fit of the absorbent article.