Absorbent Pad For Entrapping Small and Coarse Particles, Retaining Liquids and Eliminating Odors

June 1, 2010

Patented recently is a layered pad comprising a bottom impervious layer, a top layer of a fibrous high loft nonwoven capable of entrapping fine or coarse particles and preventing their scatter, optionally combined with a middle layer of fibers and super absorbent agent, wherein liquids pass through the top layer, become absorbed by the middle layer, and evaporate. As particles from an animal litter box or cage, shoes, metal cutting, wood shavings, and copy machines are generated, they immediately encounter the high loft nonwoven top layer, which immediately immobilizes and then entraps them, preventing them from scattering. The filament count of the nonwoven can be varied to design the pads to be more effective in trapping smaller or larger particles. In addition, a film of oily substance can be applied to the fibers to make them more sensitive to absorbing and entrapping extremely small particles. If absorbency is required under the high loft fibrous nonwoven, a layer of absorbent material is added between the two layers. The layered pad is optionally treated with super absorbent polymer, deodorants, antibacterial agents, anti-fungal agents, and other substances depending on the use of pad.

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