Disposable Absorbent Article Having Dual Layer Barrier Cuff Strips

April 13, 2010

A disposable absorbent article has received a patent. The article includes two laterally opposing longitudinally extending barrier cuff strips attached to an absorbent assembly in laterally opposing attachment zones. Each barrier cuff strip includes an upper layer and a lower layer at least between its proximal edge and the attachment zones. A longitudinally extending elastic gathering member is attached to each barrier cuff strip adjacent to its proximal edge. When the article is worn, the elastic gathering members contract and raise the barrier cuff strips to form side barriers. The absorbent assembly includes an absorbent core that may contain superabsorbent particles, which may be contained inside pockets. A portion of the absorbent assembly such as the portion that lies between the barrier cuff strip attachment zones may be extensible and may include a water-impermeable layer. The laterally opposing attachment zones may act as dams preventing a lateral flow of liquid bodily waste.

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