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Disposable Pants

Published October 27, 2009
Patented is disposable pants. The invention provides disposable pants improved workability in putting on and taking off by increasing the visibility of tabs on adhesive pieces. The disposable pants include a front abdominal section and a rear section joined almost annularly, and a crotch section provided to be joined between the front abdominal section and rear section. Left and right breaking parts are provided on the front abdominal section for breaking the front abdominal section. Left and right adhesive pieces are bonded to laterally outward sides of the left and right breaking parts in the front abdominal section. An adhesive part to/from which the left and right adhesive pieces are attached/detached is provided between the left and right breaking parts on the exterior side of the front abdominal section. The left and right adhesive pieces are provided with tabs for attachment/detachment to/from the adhesive part, and the tabs are provided with tab identification marks for identification from neighboring members.