Absorbent Sanitary Product

October 27, 2009

An absorbent sanitary product has been issued a patent. The invention relates to a disposable absorbent sanitary product for absorbing bodily fluids, such as diapers, incontinence pads, sanitary towels or panty liners. The product comprises a top sheet, at least sections of which are permeable to liquid, a bottom sheet, at least sections of which are liquid-tight and an absorbent body that is situated between the top sheet and the bottom sheet. The absorbent body is comprised of a first storage layer for permanently storing bodily fluids. The layer contains 5-30 wt. % hydrophilic melt-blown microfibers, 70-95 wt. % particulate super-absorbent material and optionally a maximum 10 wt. % particulate or fibrous component. The surface density of the melt-blown microfibers is 625 g/m.sup.2 and the microfibers are interconnected, in a manner having strength when wet, by a plurality of melt bonds, wherein the melt-blown microfibers form a dense, three-dimensional network that surrounds and immobilizes the particulate super-absorbent material. Very few or no melt bonds are provided between the melt-blown microfibers and the particulate super-absorbent material, is such that the storage layer has a wet-strength of at least 40% of the dry strength, as measured in the machine direction.

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