Disposable Diaper With a Hip Belt

August 4, 2009

Patented is a disposable diaper for incontinent care. The diaper comprises a main diaper section and has a front region, a rear region having first and second side regions, and a crotch region disposed between the front region and the rear region. The main diaper section also has an absorption body for liquids and a closing means that is disposed at a first longitudinal end, approximate front region or the rear region. The closing means can be secured to the hip belt in a detachable fashion in such a manner that a user, with the hip belt applied and closed, lifts the main diaper section upwardly between the legs to attach a free longitudinal end of the main diaper section to the hip belt in a detachable fashion. The hip belt is fixed in a folded configuration in a detachable fashion, and, in a folded configuration, a grasping region at each of two free ends of the single piece material section protrudes in a transverse direction past a longitudinal side edge of the main diaper section. The single piece material section is attached in a permanent manner to an outer side of the main diaper section with glue to form a composite. The glue does not extend up to the edge of the composite so that a peripheral edge region of the composite remains free of glue.

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