Absorbent Article Having Stretchable Fastening Member

August 4, 2009

Patented is an absorbent article comprising a stretchable fastening member. The absorbent article comprises a chassis and a stretchable fastening member. The chassis extends longitudinally and laterally and comprises a liquid pervious topsheet, a liquid impervious backsheet and an absorbent core disposed there between. The stretchable fastening member comprises a fixed portion permanently joined to the chassis, a distal portion provided with a fastening material and a stretchable panel positioned between the fixed portion and the distal portion. The stretchable fastening member is joined to the chassis such that the distal portion is positioned laterally outwardly from the fixed portion in the flat-out configuration of the stretchable fastening member. The stretchable panel of the stretchable fastening member comprises a first stretchable zone and a second stretchable zone disposed in the lateral direction. The first stretchable zone is capable of providing extensibility upon an initially applied extension force. Extensibility of the second stretchable zone is restricted by a restriction means until the restriction means is inactivated, and the restriction means is inactivated upon a further applied extension force such that the second stretchable zone provides an additional extensibility to reduce a stress developed in the stretchable panel.

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