Hygiene Article With Fastening Elements

November 25, 2008

A hygiene article has been patented. It comprises a fluid-pervious topsheet, a fluid-impervious backsheet, an absorbent core located between the top- and backsheets and fastening elements for releasably closing the hygiene article when applied to a user. The hygiene article has a first longitudinal direction and a second transverse direction and further has an inside and an outside. The fastening elements each carry securing means coacting with a contact zone of the hygiene article. Each fastening element has a first zone non-detachably connected to the outside of the hygiene article and a second zone located spaced apart in the transverse direction from the first zone on which the securing means is provided. The fastening element folded in a Z-shape comprises the first zone with fold lines running in the longitudinal direction;. The second zone contains securing means that lie outside the folded, Z-shape. The folded Z-shape is secured to itself by entwining, crushing and working fibers from the layers folded on each other in a Z-shape into the layer underneath when longitudinal sections are severed from a continuous web in the transverse direction.