Absorbent Article With Improved Fit

January 8, 2008

Patented is an absorbent product with a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction. The absorbent product comprises a front portion, a rear portion, a crotch portion located between the rear portion and the front portion, an absorbent element and a liquid-tight layer. A stiffening element contributes to a three-dimensional shape of the product during its use. The stiffening element is in a plane state before use of the product. The stiffening element extends in the longitudinal direction of the product over the crotch portion and at least a part of the front portion so as to define a stiffening element crotch portion and a stiffening element front portion. The stiffening element has a width at the transition between the crotch portion and the front portion that is adapted to a distance between the muscle tendons of the wearer on both sides of the crotch of the wearer in the groin of the latter and which is about 15-45 mm. The stiffening element crotch portion has a crotch length of about 70-120 mm. The side edges of the stiffening element front portion diverge in the direction from the stiffening element crotch portion over the front portion of the product. The side edges of the stiffening element are located in the front portion of the product in the direction of the crotch area and form an acute angle with a line in the longitudinal direction of the product. The stiffening element is absorbent and at the same time constitutes the absorbent element. The stiffening element swells during absorption while on the whole retains its geometry in the transverse direction of the product. The stiffening element has a stiffness in the dry state in the order of 1-15 N measured according to ASTM D 4032-82. The stiffening element comprises a dry-formed fiber mat with a density between 0.15 and 0.75 g/cm3 and a weight per unit area in the order of 100-400 g/cm2.. The product is arranged by virtue of the stiffness selected for the stiffening element and by virtue of the selection of the geometry and dimensions in and around the transition between the crotch portion and the front portion. The product is positioned so the transition between the front portion and the crotch portion between the muscle tendons is fixed in between these and in this way the stiffening element and the product can be transformed from plane form to three-dimensional form with the front portion curved upwards in relation to the crotch portion. It forms a bowl-like shape at least in an area next to the crotch portion.
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