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High-Durability Non-Woven Fabric With Melange Appearance And Method For Manufacture

Published October 16, 2007
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A nonwoven fabric with a melange appearance and high-durability was patented. A fiber part includes at least one of a melange appearance fiber and a mixture of at least two fibers with different dyeability characteristics. A matrix binder comprises a polyurethane including soft segments and rigid segments. The soft segments consist of at least one polycarbonate polyol selected from the group consisting of polypentamethylenecarbonatoglycol, polyhexamethylenecarbonatoglycol and polyheptamethylenecarbonatoglycol and at least one polyester polyol selected from the group consisting of polyhexamethyleneadipateglycol, polyneopentyladipateglycol and polycaprolactonediol. The rigid segments consist of urethane groups derived from the reaction of isocyanate with polyols, and ureic groups derived from the reaction between isocyanate groups and water.