Multiple Layer Absorbent Article

January 23, 2007

Patented is an absorbent article with a fluid permeable coverstock configured to engage a body surface and defining longitudinal sides. The coverstock includes a bicomponent fiber with a polypropylene inner core and a polyethylene outer sheath. An absorbent core has a body facing side and an opposing side. Extending longitudinally along the absorbent article, the absorbent core has arcuate outer ends and includes wood pulp and superabsorbent polymer materials. An absorbent pledget is located between the absorbent core and the coverstock. The absorbent pledget includes airlaid material adjacent to the body facing side of the absorbent core. The pledget further includes a three-dimensional apertured acquisition film mounted to the airlaid material. Engaging the coverstock, the absorbent pledget has a greater structural stiffness and reduced surface area relative to the absorbent core. The absorbent core is configured to fold about the hourglass shape of the absorbent pledget and resist undesired deformity of the absorbent article. The coverstock includes adhesive coated elastic members located adjacent to the longitudinal sides. The longitudinal sides are folded about a backsheet to enclose the absorbent core and absorbent pledget.

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