Absorbent Member Having Three Dimensional Guards

January 16, 2007

An absorbent article was recently patented featuring a liquid permeable surface sheet, a liquid impermeable leakage-prevention sheet and an oblong liquid-retaining absorbent. The absorbent article is located on longitudinal opposite sides of the article with a pair of right and left, elastic member-carrying three-dimensional guards. The three-dimensional guards each has a skin-contacting surface portion formed by folding back a side on a free side toward an outer side of the absorbent article. The folded back side forms a folded portion. A first set of elastic members are fixed to the skin-contacting surface portion and a second set of elastic members are fixed to an approximately widthwise central portion of a raised portion. The raised portion is located between the skin-contacting surface portion and a base end of the three-dimensional guard. The raised portion is located toward an inner side of the diaper. The elastic members in the second set in the raised portion are fixed between two sheet materials. The two sheet materials form the three-dimensional guard. The folded back portion is located between the skin-contacting surface portion and the raised portion. The skin-contacting surface portion is located more on a free end side than the folded back portion and the region of the guard widthwise ranging from the folded back portion to the free end forms the skin-contacting surface portion.

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