Absorbent Article Having Disposal Wings With Odor Absorbency

January 16, 2007

Patented is a personal care absorbent article with a longitudinal direction, a lateral cross-direction and an intermediate portion between a pair of longitudinally opposed end portions. The article has a backsheet with a pair of laterally-opposed side edges, a laterally-extending backsheet width and a longitudinally-extending backsheet length. Also included is a liquid-permeable topsheet and an absorbent body sandwiched between the backsheet and the topsheet. A separately provided wing-panel is operatively connected to the intermediate portion of the article and extends laterally beyond at least one lateral side edge of the backsheet in the intermediate portion of the article. The wing-panel is configured to wrap about an undergarment and includes an operative quantity of odor-control material. A maximum longitudinal length of the wing-panel is less than the overall article-length. The wing-panel can be configured to operatively provide a wing-section distance that is at least about 50% of a width of the absorbent body. The wing-panel is connected to a major garment-side surface of the backsheet and has at least one laterally-extending edge-region. At least one laterally-extending edge-region of the wing-panel is configured to be separated from the backsheet when the end portions of the article are repositioned onto the article intermediate portion to initiate a formation of a disposal condition. The wing-panel includes a distal wing-section that can be disposed over the previously folded end portions to continue the formation of the disposal condition. A folded-over portion of the edge-region in the distal wing-panel section is configured to be attached with an edge-fastener to form at least one operative edge-attachment. At least one edge-attachment is configured to provide an edge seal that can help hold the folded article in the disposal condition.