Absorbent Article Having A Multilayer Blended Core And A Method Of Forming

August 15, 2006

A method of forming an absorbent core has been issued a patent. The method involves forming a first absorbent into a shaped configuration from an elongated strip of a stabilized airlaid material constructed of a blend of a first group of fibers, a binder and a superabsorbent. The first adsorbent has a predetermined basis weight and is compressed in a substantially dry condition after being heat cured at a temperature of about 165° C for a time of from between about eight seconds to about 10 seconds to a density ranging from between about 0.09 g/cm3 to about 0.3 g/cm3. The method also involves forming a second absorbent of double its thickness from an elongated strip of stabilized material. The stabilized material contains a superabsorbent. The second absorbent has a basis weight that is greater than the basis weight of the first absorbent. A second absorbent is positioned directly below and in contact with the first absorbent to form an absorbent core. Stabilized material is used to form first and second absorbents in the same composition.

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