Tampon Applicator Assembly Having An Improved Plunger And Methods Of Making

May 16, 2006

A tampon applicator assembly was recently patented. The article includes a barrel with a main section between an insertion tip and a finger grip and a plunger with a first end, a main body and a second end. The plunger is slideably received in the barrel. A pledget disposed in the barrel between the insertion tip and the first end of the plunger so that a force applied on the second end of the plunger expels the pledget from the barrel at the insertion. The first end of the plunger has a first outer dimension; the second end has a second outer dimension; and the main body has a third outer dimension. The first outer dimension is about 10% to 15% larger than the third outer dimension and the second outer dimension is more than about 85% larger than the third outer dimension.