Long Glass Fiber Filler Reinforced Resin Material For Molding, Method For Molding Article And Molded Article Molded by The Method

May 16, 2006

Patented is a long glass fiber filler reinforced resin material for molding. The article comprises a masterbatch formed of a composite of a matrix resin of homopolypropylene with a pentad isotactic index of at least 95% and a long glass fiber filler. It also includes a component for providing affinity between the matrix resin and the long glass fiber filler. A diluent resin of an ethylene-propylene block copolymer includes a polypropylene component with a pentad isotactic index of at least 95%. An islands-sea structure where domains of polyethylene components are formed in the polypropylene component is also included. A melt flow rate of 21.3 to 44.0 g/10 min is measured on the condition of a temperature of 230°C and a load of 21.18N according to JIS K7210. The matrix resin of the masterbatch has a melt flow rate of 120 to 300 g/10 min, which is measured on the same condition as the melt flow rate of the diluent resin and is larger than six times the melt flow rate of the diluent resin. The long glass fiber filler, of which the surface is treated with a coupling agent, is in a content of 30 to 50 mass percent with respect to its total mass. The affinity providing component is acid-denatured polypropylene having a functional group that reacts chemically with the coupling agent. It includes at least one selected from the group consisting of maleic anhydride-denatured polypropylene and acrylic acid-denatured polypropylene as a constituent.
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