Disposable Shorts

January 31, 2006

Disposable underpants have been patented. The underpants include an underpants member formed of a first sheet as an outermost layer and a second sheet located inside the first sheet. An absorbent member is located on the second sheet at the inner side of the underpants member. A trunk fittable elastic member is tightly held between the first and second sheets. Absorbent member fixing sheets are folded to form an upper and a lower portion and are transversely arranged below the absorbent member. The upper portions of the absorbent member fixing sheets are joined with a lower surface of the absorbent member. The lower portion of each of the absorbent member fixing sheets is joined with an upper surface of the second sheet. A front folded portion and a rear folded portion are formed by folding the first sheet at front and rear ends of the underpants with respect to the longitudinal direction on the second sheet. The respective end portions of the front and rear folded portions are joined with the upper surfaces of front and rear end portions of the absorbent member with respect to the longitudinal direction.

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