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Absorbent Articles Having Removable Components

Published January 24, 2006
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Patented is a disposable absorbent article with a first waist region, a second waist region and a crotch region positioned between the first waist region and the second waist region. The absorbent article also has a backsheet joined to a fluid pervious topsheet. The backsheet is made of a web and is substantially liquid impervious except at a first discontinuity in the web. An absorbent core is located between the topsheet and the backsheet and includes absorbent core components. A multi-layered first absorbent core component is located non-removably in at least the crotch region and has an acquisition layer and an acquisition/distribution layer. At least one removable second absorbent core component is located removably in the first waist region and is in fluid communication with the first absorbent core component. The backsheet also features first access means for providing access to the removable second absorbent core component through the backsheet so that the removable second absorbent core component may be removed from the absorbent article through the backsheet without having to remove the absorbent article from a wearer. The first access means makes up the first discontinuity in the web, which is positioned in the first waist region. A first reclosable flap is secured over the first discontinuity. A first fastener reclosably joins the first flap to the remainder of the backsheet.