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Sealable and Pealable Film Structure

Published June 24, 2005
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An oriented, opaque, sealable and Pealable film has been issued a U.S. patent. The patent contains a non-sealable first outer layer comprising a thermoplastic polymer; a cavitated first core layer comprising a thermoplastic polymer and a cavitating agent and a second core layer comprising a Pealable blend. This blend contains from 20-80 wt% of a polyethylene and from 80-20 wt% of a polyolefin incompatible with polyethylene of a second core layer. The second core layer is positioned such that cavitated first core layer is between first outer layer and second core layer and a sealable second outer layer comprising a thermoplastic polymer. The sealable second outer layer is positioned such that second core layer is between the cavitated first core layer and the sealable second outer layer.