Napkin Package

May 24, 2005

A napkin package formed by wrapping a sanitary napkin in folded condition with a packaging sheet has been patented. The sanitary napkin must have longitudinally extending leakage preventing walls on both sides of a liquid absorbing portion. These leakage preventing walls contain elastic members for applying an elastic tension force in a longitudinal direction to place free edge portions of the leakage preventing walls away from a surface of the liquid absorbing portion. The sanitary napkin is folded along a line extending across the leakage preventing walls with the mating surface. A reinforcement sheet is provided on a surface side of the folded sanitary napkin covering a portion of the folding line and must be bent at a position corresponding to the folding line without forming crease, and portions of the leakage preventing walls are located corresponding to the portion across which the folding line extends, being urged onto an outer surface of a bent portion of the reinforcement sheet by the elastic tension force.