Undirectionally Cold Stretched Nonwoven Webs of Multipolymer Fibers for Stretch Fabrics and Disposable Absorbent Articles Containing Them

February 1, 2005

Patented is a nonwoven web formed of highly elongatable multipolymer fibers. The fibers are substantially oriented in one direction and the web has a number of discrete point bond sites throughout the web bonding the fibers together. The point bond sites make up areas where the fibers have been fusion bonded together to form bond sites. The bond sites are imbedded within the web between opposite surfaces of the web and of a distorted, non-planar configuration extending generally in the Z-axis direction of the web. The web has an extensibility in one direction of at least 100% when a load of 300 grams force per inch or less is applied in one direction. The ratio of the tensile strength of the web in the direction of the orientation of the fibers to the tensile strength in the direction transverse to the direction of orientation is at least about 10:1.

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