Disposable Diaper

November 30, 2004

Patented is a disposable diaper including a front waist region, a rear waist region, a crotch region extending between the front waist region and the rear waist region and a liquid-pervious topsheet that remains at least partially exposed to a wearer of the diaper. The article also features a liquid-impervious backsheet, a liquid-absorbent core between the liquid-pervious topsheet and the liquid-impervious backsheet. A plurality of protuberances are formed on and rise above a planar surface portion of the liquid-pervious topsheet approximately in a longitudinal rear half of the liquid-pervious topsheet. Each of the protuberances are elongated structures that have a major dimension that extends in a transverse direction of the diaper. Individual protuberances extend transversely across the rear half area and are intermittently ranged longitudinally of the diaper so that the plurality of protuberances are oriented and positioned to inhibit loose fecal material from flowing longitudinally. The rear most protuberances have opposite transverse ends that are spaced inward from transverse side edges of the liquid-absorbent core. The plurality of protuberances is further fixed in position relative to the liquid-pervious topsheet.

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