Absorbent articles having reduced rewet with distribution materials positioned underneath storage material

March 30, 2004

A patent has been issued for an absorbent article with a fluid-receiving surface that faces the wearer during use, and a garment-oriented surface that faces the opposite direction of fluid receiving surface. The article is made of a fluid storage region and a fluid distribution region positioned between the fluid storage region and the garment. The ultimate fluid storage region and fluid distribution region have the same x-dimension, characterized with a rewet value of less than 150 mg when submitted to the PACoRM test and the ultimate fluid storage region is comprised of fluid storage material, which has a Capillary Sorption Desorption Capacity at 100 cm (CSDC 100) of at least 10 g/g.The fluid distribution region is comprised of fluid distribution material having a Capillary Sorption Absorption Height at 30% of its maximum capacity (CSAH 30) of at least 25 cm. The absorbent article also contains an absorbent core and has a total ultimate storage capacity due to its liquid storage material that makes up 60% of the absorbent core.

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