Absorbent Article Containing Unitary Stratified Composite

February 28, 2004

1. An absorbent article, comprising: (a) a liquid pervious topsheet; (b) an absorbent composite, comprising a first stratum, a second stratum, and a transition zone intermediate and coextensive with the first stratum and the second stratum; the first stratum comprising hydrophobic fibers and a binder; the second stratum comprising a binder and fibers selected from the group consisting of hydrophilic fibers, hydrophobic fibers, and mixtures thereof; and the transition zone comprising fibers from the first stratum and the second stratum commingled substantially uniformly across the composite's width and along the composite's length, (c) a storage stratum comprising an absorbent fibrous material; (d) an intermediate stratum interposed between the absorbent composite and the storage stratum; and (e) a liquid impervious backsheet.

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