Light Incontinent Product

January 14, 2003

A disposable absorbent pad to trap and collect fluid waste products has been patented. The pad is an elongated planar member with a periphery including a top and bottom and a pair of longitudinal extending side edges. The top edge extends transversely and terminates in a pair of top end portions while the bottom edge extends transversely and terminates in a pair of bottom end portions. One of the longitudinally extending side edges interconnects one bottom end portion. The other longitudinally extending side edges interconnect the top and bottom end portions. The pad comprises a topsheet, a fluid-absorbent core and a cover sheet. The topsheet is formed as a fluid-pervious material and is disposed over the core, which contains a fluid-absorbing material, and is disposed over the coversheet. The coversheet features a fluid-impervious material and the topsheet, core and cover sheet are bonded together along plural concentric lines. Portions of the concentric lines are located adjacent to the sides and portions and form a barrier that is resistant to the egress of fluid out of the pad’s periphery. The concentric lines include an elongated line segment and one gap. The elongated line has a length extending along a longitudinal axis and a width extending along a transverse axis. The length of the elongated line is larger than its width and the gap enhances the pad’s flexibility.

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