Absorbent Articles With Controllable Fill Patterns

October 15, 2002

Patented is a personal care product with a bodyside liner, surge layer, a multifunctional material and distribution and retention layers. The distribution and retention layers comprise an absorbent system and are in sufficient contact to transfer liquid between them. The product has the functions of intake, controlled release, distribution, transfer and final storage. The surge layer is capable of handling an incoming liquid insult of approximately 60-100cc at a volumetric flow rate of approximately 5-20cc/sec. The multifunctional material has a capillary tension higher than the surge layer and is approximately 2-15cm with a runoff rate lower than 25ml per a 100ml liquid insult, during three insults throughout 30-minute intervals. The distribution layer has a capillary tension higher than the multifunctional material’s capillary tension and an equilibrium wicking height capillary tension of approximately 15cm. The retention layer absorbs liquid efficiently from the distribution layer so that the liquid can be stored in a desired pattern. The retention layer has a capillary tension higher than the capillary tension of the distribution layer throughout the life cycle of the absorbent system.