Absorbent Product Comprising At Least One Thermoplastic Component To Bond Layers

October 8, 2002

An absorbent product comprising a liquid-permeable casing layer, a liquid-barrier layer surrounding an absorption element, has been patented. The product also contains a liquid-transfer layer, which is disposed between the casing layer and the absorption element. The casing layer is bonded in a pattern of distinct bonds to the liquid-transfer layer and both layers contain a thermoplastic component. The bonds between the casing and the liquid-transfer layer are thermally produced and characterized so that the liquid-transfer layer comprises 40-65% by weight in network-creating function fibers. The fibers are intact following the bonding of the casing and liquid-transfer layers. The fibers also have a coarseness ranging from 6-12 denier and 35-60% by weight, with the thermoplastic fibers comprising a weldable component and a fiber coarseness of three denier.

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