Disposable Pants Of Trunks-Type And Process For Making The Same

October 1, 2002

Patented are disposable pants. The pants contain a waist opening with upper peripheral edge portions that are elastically stretchable in a circumferential direction and a pair of leg openings at the pants’ lower portion. A pair of outer sheets are arranged in plane-symmetry relationship with each other and a single inner sheet is folded along the transverse centerline and extends along the front and rear direction of the pants. The inner sheet’s outer surface is flattened and disposed between the lower portions of the outer sheets. The outer sheets have upper and lower end portions extending in a parallel direction to the inner sheet’s transverse centerline in a transverse direction. Front and rear side edge portions extend in an orthogonal and longitudinal direction to the transverse centerline. The inner sheet contains lower end portions extending in a transverse direction below the transverse centerline, front and rear side edge portions extend in a longitudinal direction. A liquid-absorbent panel is bonded to the inner sheet’s inner surface. The outer sheets’ inner surfaces are bonded to each other in a vicinity of upper portions of the outer sheets’ front and rear side edge portions and the inner sheet’s inner surface is bonded to the outer sheets’ inner surfaces in the front and inner rear side edge portions of the outer sheet.