Disposable Pant-Type Diaper Having Improved Fitness To Body

September 3, 2002

Patented is a disposable pull-on garment with a longitudinal centerline and a front and back region surrounding a crotch region. The garment features a chassis in the front, back and crotch regions and edge lines in the front and back regions. The chassis includes a liquid-pervious topsheet and a liquid-impervious backsheet and an absorbent core disposed between. One pair of extensible ear panels extends laterally outward from the chassis in the front or back regions. The ear panels have tear-open tabs at their laterally outward edges and outermost edge lines. One of the outermost lines has a non-uniform lateral distance from the longitudinal centerline when the garment is in an unseamed and flat condition. The seams join the chassis and ear panels in an overlapping manner along the corresponding and outermost edge lines to form two leg openings and a waist opening.

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