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By Tim Wright, editor | July 16, 2014

Baby Buddies is a new concept that bucks traditional diaper design.

Let’s face it, keeping babies clean is expensive. And for young families trying to keep a tight budget, the cost for all the diapers, wipes and creams adds up fast.

One company focused on helping families reduce their out-of-pocket expense for childcare is National Baby Care, Inc. Based out of Alabama, the 5-year-old company has innovated Baby Buddies, which includes 2 patented designs—an all-in-one diaper system and an expandable diaper.

The first design is a revolutionary diaper that contains a patented powder system built right into the diaper plus 3 convenient baby wipes within a leak proof pouch on the back of the diaper.

“What we have done is taken three items—disposable diaper, powder and wipes—that have been proven in the market for over 20 years and combined them into one convenient package that a mom on-the-go can just throw in her purse,” says Darryl Richardson, CEO of National Baby Care. “And to make sure that we have the best product possible, we have teamed up with a well-known and reputable diaper machine company to make the all-in-one diaper system a reality.”

Richardson says Baby Buddies All-In-One Diaper System has been evaluated by Walmart and received a letter of recommendation to be commercialized from the retailer.

The second Baby Buddies design is an infant line called Extend-a-Care. The diaper is designed to expand from one size to the next diaper size. Basically, the diaper grows with the baby and the goal is to replace the 1’s, 2’s and 3’s that are sold in the market.

“The vision for this expandable disposable diaper is to give families more for their money at the register and provide functional convenience for the consumer,” Richardson says.

Over the years the diaper has evolved way beyond its first development stage. Tracing the roots of the expandable diaper Richardson says it was about 15 years ago while raising 2 daughters and doing the “diaper juggle” that he first began to think of the affordability, functional convenience and maximum ability of the diapers on the market.

“The initial idea was to try and have a diaper that could keep up with the baby verses having the baby keep up with the diaper,” says Richardson. “It didn't take long to understand that this was not how the traditional disposal diaper was made to work. So, sitting in my basement I started a quest to come up with a design that would allow families to buy in bulk and get 2 for 1. This new design will always fit the child at the growing stage, because the diaper is designed to keep up with the child so they do not outgrow them.”

The expandable diaper is in the early stages of development and received a letter recommending it to commercialization through Walmart’s Entrepreneurial Program. “I received the highest score that any new idea has received through the program,” says Richardson.

A manufacturing location has not been decided as of yet because Richardson says there is a possibility of partnering with a big brand name. However, if National Baby Care were to go it alone, the facility would be located somewhere in Alabama.

“Reviews of the product have been great and the groups of pediatricians we surveyed feel the product has merit on the market,” says Richardson. “In fact we have received a request for an exclusive partnership deal with a large retail chain, which speaks volumes about this product’s potential.”

The plan for Baby Buddies Expandable Diaper will be to bring forth a diaper that performs to the needs of the parents and for the company to be positioned with financial backing to move forward as a brand or private label.

“We will put the best quality product in the market at the beginning and there will not be a step up brand ever,” says Richardson. “The diaper will be at the step up brand price, while at the level of quality of the major brands. The advantage goes to the consumer because now they can by bulk with the assurance that the diaper will always fit. This limits trips to the store for diaper purchases. They are getting 2 diapers for the price of 1.”

Moving forward Richardson’s goal is to make Baby Buddies’ All-In-One Diaper System and the Extend-a-Care Expandable Diaper the most convenient and efficient diapers in the market. “With consumers looking for inexpensive ways to afford baby supplies, Baby Buddies helps solve this problem,” he says. “There will be no more unused diapers with the expandable diaper, nor will mothers need to carry bulky diaper bags with the all-in-one-system. Just put Baby Buddies in your purse or pocket and go. It’s that easy and the baby stays fresher.”

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