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K-C enters housewrap market

By Karen McIntyre, senior editor | June 19, 2014

Block-It housewrap features breathable technology

Kimberly-Clark has entered the housewrap market with a new product guaranteed keep moisture out while allowing vapor to escape. K-C’s Block-It housewrap is designed for use on homes and light commercial buildings under five stories high. Developed by K-C Professional, in partnership with K-C’s other business units, BlockIt was launched this spring and is available at several retailers including Menards.

Tony Fedel, business leader of Partnership Products, K-C's external nonwovens business, this launch was truly a collaboriate effort among all of K-C's business units. While his unit was instrumental in developing the material and assessing its need in the marketplace, K-C Professional was instrumental in bringing it to market. "The K-C Professional Team has access to retail channels like Menards or even market, and we are using those contacts to bring this product to market," he says.

According to the company, the technology behind Block-It drew on K-C’s significant expertise in the development and manufacture of nonwoven breathable materials.

Block-It House Wrap offers a tough liquid barrier that prevents liquid penetration and additional breathability benefits. It also takes building protection to the next level, with patented technology that channels liquid away from the wall assembly and to the ground.

“Good weatherization is crucial in the building industry,” says Scott Tennison, Building Materials Team Leader, Kimberly-Clark Professional. “Without it, moisture can seep into homes and other structures causing mold, rot and structural failure. At the same time, moisture vapor from inside the house needs to escape to keep structural materials dry.”

“Most house wraps on the market today sacrifice breathability for a complete liquid barrier or vice-versa,” Tennison adds.
Block-It also provides additional benefits when installing, thanks to a patented, cloth-like nonwoven material that resists tears, abrasions and punctures, does not s=nag on tool or nails and offers a non-slip surface, even when wet.

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